Unit Map 2011-2012
Brilliant Star
Collaboration / Service Learning ES* / Elementary School (Elementary School)
Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 12:00PM
Unit: Food for Food Bank (Week 11, 3 Weeks)
Unit Description

The Grade 2 class teachers will organize a visit to the Food Bank in Lisbon, in connection with the Unit of Inquiry – under the theme of ‘Who We Are’- with the title ‘Give and Take’.


Academic Objectives

Students will identify the major social, cultural, economic, and civic issues of people in their community.

Holistic Standards
Brilliant Star Framework, All grades, Social & Interpersonal
Communicators - develops ability to express ideas with confidence and clarity
  •  Listen with understanding and empathy
Interpersonally skilled - develops skills to successfully engage in social interactions
  •  Work with diversity in community
Brilliant Star Framework, All grades, Citizenship
Sociocultural Awareness - develops open-minded understanding of important sociocultural issues
  •  Meeting basic needs
Essential Questions

How much food does a child or adult need to be healthy?

Activating Activities

The Grade 2 children will organize a food collection in the whole primary school for the Food Bank (a 3 weeks action). The children will engage in making posters, advertising, and collecting the food all over the school every day.


The children will take the food to the Food Bank were the staff will help them weigh the food they had collected; in the school year 2010-2011 this added up to 284 kg!


Content Activities

The children will develop an awareness of what actually goes on at the Food Bank and understand how they could contribute to the community. They will develop a better understanding of the problems in their area.




Collect Food
Formative: Performance: Authentic Task
Children will organize and collect food for a three-week period.
Assembly Presentation
Summative: Oral: Presentation
The students will prepare a presentation to the school about their experiences. They will share their experiences with the Food Bank during a school assembly and thank all pupils for their assistance.

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