Unit Map 2011-2012
Brilliant Star
Collaboration / Service Learning ES* / Elementary School (Elementary School)
Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 11:57AM
Unit: Fund Raising for Earthquake and Tsunami Victims (Week 32, 2 Weeks)
Unit Description

This was an ad hoc activity designed and implemented after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Academic Objectives

Students will use maps and globes to locate continents, countries, and major cities in different regions of the world.


Students will identify parts of their country and the world most likely to have earthquakes.



Holistic Standards
Brilliant Star Framework, All grades, Emotion & Affect
Caring - shows empathy, compassion, and respect towards feelings and needs of others.
  •  Identifies others’ needs
  •  Helps others
Essential Questions

What is an earthquake?

Why would an earthquake produce a tsunami?

Activating Activities

Each grade level will organize an activity on consecutive Friday afternoons for the whole primary school.  To participate in the activities the children were asked to donate 1 euro.

Content Activities

There was a bake sale, a games afternoon, a homemade drinks sale, and many other similar activities.

Participate in Activities
Summative: Performance: Authentic Task
All children were involved in the activity and expressed awareness of the reason for the fund raising activity. The amount collected for this activity was a little less than 1000 euros; this was sent to the Japanese Red Cross.

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