Unit Map 2011-2012
Brilliant Star
Collaboration / Service Learning MS* / Middle School (Middle School)
Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 12:03PM
Unit: Sports Activities With Mira Sintr (Week 14, 4 Weeks)
Unit Description


The first contact was made two years ago by a Charity Group (parents of the school) who introduced the organization to the C.&S. Coordinator.  Students could have made that first contact as well, or could/should have been involved right from the start/first meeting.


Several meetings followed between the Organization and the Coordinator of the school to define a common ground and interest that would serve their mental challenged people as well as the students from the school to become a real Service Learning project.  (Again students could have been involved right from the start – Coordinator -me- was still inexperienced in her new task.)


Together we decided on winter holidays for the people of the Institution, which would involve activities in the snow, such as trekking, snowball fights, other fun games in the snow, sleigh rides, as well as on lower grounds abseiling (rappeling), canoeing, paint ball, football, basketball etc.


These holidays needed to be subsidized for the Institution, few funds were available and the parents of the mental challenged people were financially not able in supporting such an expense.


We created a “fund raising” students run Committee responsible to raise money for the mental challenge people of the Institution. Though a lot of effort went into this, there was not sufficient time (5 months) to raise the amount necessary.  The initial Charity Organization, as well as the PTA from the school and a single parent helped with generous donations.

Academic Objectives

Students will:

  1. Experience an adventure in dramatic and inspirational nature based environments; they will develop relationship, communication, teamwork and leadership skills.
  2. Improve confidence to overcome new challenges, both by the activity of radical sports as well as learning to communicate and stand by the side of a mental challenged person. 
  3. Develop an awareness and understanding of the complexity of a community in its different forms.
  4. Become aware of the diversity of people, their capability of learning, of integrating in the society, and their desires to be included in “our world.”
  5. Develop a basis for peaceful coexistence and recognition of each person, taking into account his or her autonomy and individuality.
  6. Develop an understanding of interaction and identification among social minorities and majorities.
  7. Develop empathy and respect toward different people and a deeper understanding of the diversity of others.
  8. Engage in positive actions and contact with other social environments that creates a platform to enrich students emotionally, socially, morally and culturally.
  9. Create a state of mind for involvement in the community, without looking for any reward other than lives enrichment through the insight into different social patterns and ways of life.
  10. Become aware of student's own strengths and limitations. 
  11. Be provided reinforcement of school´s ethos, vision, and values.
  12. Participate in students and teachers learning and growing together.
  13. Feel a sense of purpose and place in time and community.
  14. Have opportunities and the freedom to accept responsibility.
  15. Learn to care and love, to be mindful, use some of their insight and wisdom.
Holistic Standards
Brilliant Star Framework, All grades, Emotion & Affect
Emotionally developed - develops awareness and appropriate display and regulation of one’s emotions
  •  Aware of own emotions
  •  Aware of others emotions
  •  Manages and self-regulates emotions
Caring - shows empathy, compassion, and respect towards feelings and needs of others.
  •  Identifies others’ needs
  •  Helps others
Brilliant Star Framework, All grades, Physical & Kinesthetic
Kinesthetic competence - develops appropriate large and small motor skills.
  •  Kinesthetic competence
Brilliant Star Framework, All grades, Morality & Character
Ethical sensitivity - develops ability to connect emotionally and take the perspective of others with regard to ethical and moral issues
  •  Examine bias
Ethical motivation - develops values and intentions to engage in principled behavior
  •  Respect others
Brilliant Star Framework, All grades, Citizenship
Active involvement – develops knowledge, attitudes, and skills for engagement in different levels of society
  •  Local
Essential Questions

Why is physical activity important?

Activating Activities

The children will learn about different types of sports activities and practice the skills to be successful in the activity.  The children will also learn about different types of mental and learning disabilities.

Content Activities

The children will spend four days (morning, afternoon, and evening) with the mentally challenged people of Mira Sintra engaging in a wide variety of physical and sports activities.  Students will interact as pairs and in group activities.

Sports Activities
Formative: Performance: Authentic Task
Students will engage in physical and sports activities, in dyads and groups.
Journal Activity
Summative: Written: Journal/ Diary
Students will generate a journal describing some of their thoughts, emotions, and experiences they had during the four day program.

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