The Brilliant Star Integrative Reading Project
Multicultural Resources

Project Coordinator: W. Huitt
Last revised: August 2006

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SocCulture A River Ran Wild Lynne Cherry Nat Am
Perceiving All the Colors of the Earth Sheila Hamanaka Global
Perceiving All the Colors We Are Katie Kissenger Global
Con/Vol Amazing Grace Mary Hoffman African
Aff/Emot Annie and the Old One Miska Miles Nat Am
SocCulture Arctic Son Jean Craighead George Eskimo
Spiritual Brother Eagle, Sister Sky Susan Jeffers Nat Am
SocCulture Can You Say Peace? Karen Katz Global
Spiritual Designed By God So I Must Be Special Bonnie Sose Af Am
Con/Vol Fatima the Spinner and the Tent Indries Shaw Turkey
Spiritual Follow the Drinking Gourd Jeanette Winter African
SocCulture How My Parents Learned to Eat Ina R. Friedman Japan
Family HUSH!  Minfong Ho Thai
SocCulture Lakota Hoop Dancer Jacqueline Left Hand Bull Nat Am
SocCulture Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Doreen Rappaport Af Am
MorChar Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters John Steptoe African
Aff/Emot The Clever Boy and the Terrible, Dangerous Animal Indries Shaw Afghan
Perceiving The Colors of Us Karen Katz Nat Am
SocCulture The Legend of Michigan Trinka Hakes Noble Nat Am
SocCulture The Day the Earth Was Silent Michael McGuffee Global
Physical The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush Tomie dePaola Nat Am
Cog/Think The Man and The Fox Indries Shaw Afghan
Friends The Man With Bad Manners Indries Shaw Afghan
Cog/Think The Silly Chicken Indries Shaw Afghan
SocCulture The Story of Ruby Bridges Robert Coles Af Am
Con/Vol The Talking Eggs Robert  San Souci African
SocCulture Whoever You Are Mem Fox Global
SocCulture Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky Elphinstone Dayrell African