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EDUC 2130:
Exploring Teaching & Learning

PSYC 2500:
Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 2700:
Human Growth & Development

PSYC 3110:
Educational Psychology

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PSYC 3120:
Psycoed Aspects of ECED

PSYC 3130:
Ed Psyc for Teachers of Adults

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PSYC 7010:
Learning and Assessment

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PSYC 7020:
Conditions of Learning

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PSYC 7030:
Measurement and Evaluation

PSYC 7040:
Adult Learning & Assessment

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PSYC 8020:
Advanced Educational Psychology

PSYC 8040:
Cognitive Psychology for Educators

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Other Psychology Websites at VSU:

Dr. Deb Briihl (Introduction to Psychology, Cognition, Sensation & Perception, History of Psychology, Senior Seminar)

Dr. Blaine Browne (Statistics, Experimental, Cognitive Science, Evolutionary Psychology, Physiological Psychology)

Dr. Larry Hilgert (Introduction to Psychology, School Psychology)

Dr. David Wasieleski (Fundamentals of Psychology, Legal and Ethical Issues in Psychology, Counseling Theory and Practice, Prepracticum, Clinical-Counseling Practicum, Theories of Personality (undergraduate and graduate), Abnormal Psychology)

Dr. Mark Whatley (Fundamentals of Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology (undergraduate and graduate,  Social Psychology in School Contexts)