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Readings in Educational Psychology

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Ways of Knowing About Human Behavior

Transactional Model of the Teaching/Learning Process

Effective Classrooms and Schools

Systems Model of Human Behavior

Neighborhood and Community

Internal and External Validity

Success in the Information Age

Desired Student Outcomes of Schooling

The SCANS Report Revisited

Becoming A Brilliant Star

Personality Differences Between Navajo and Non-Indian College Students

Problem solving and decision making: Consideration of individual differences using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Books Related to the Growth, Development, and Socialization of Girls and Women

Teacher Efficacy

Stages of Mastery

Behavioral Psychology

Classical Conditioning

Operant Conditioning

Cognitive Psychology

Information Processing Approach to Cognition

Bloom et al.'s Cognitive Domain of Educational Objectives

Cognitive Development--Piaget


Critical Thinking

Problem Solving


The Affective System

Krathwohl et al.'s Affective Domain of Educational Objectives


Self-concept and Self-esteem

Erikson's Theory of Socioemotional Development

Optimism and Enthusiasm

Humanistic Approaches to Teaching and Learning


Observational Learning

Summary of Learning Theories

Moral and Character Development

Motivation to Learn

Maslow's Theory of Motivation

Spiritual Development

Academic Learning Time

Writing Behavioral Objectives

Teaching/Learning Models

Classroom Instruction

Time Spent in Learning

Huitt's Transactional Model of Direct Instruction

Slavin's Model of Direct Instruction

Summary of Principles of Direct Instruction


Instructional Methods--The 4MAT system

Individual Differences


Assessment and Evaluation

Other Materials (N = 7)

Bahá'í Faith Home Page

Acquiring Virtues and Developing Character (Compilation)

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Books and articles that reference Squires, D., Huitt, W., & Segars, J. (1983). Effective classrooms and schools: A research-based perspective. Washington, D.C.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.