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Table 1. The four dimensions of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)



Extrovert (E)


Introvert (I)

Individuals preferring extroversion are oriented to the outside world of people and things; those preferring introversion are oriented to the inner world of ideas.

Sensing (S)


Intuition (N)

Individuals preferring sensing tend to focus on details and actual experience; those preferring intuition tend to focus on the meanings and relationships of facts and on possibilities.

Thinking (T)


Feeling (F)

Individuals preferring thinking tend to make logical connections between ideas in an objective manner; those preferring feeling tend to focus on personal and group values in a subjective manner.

Judging (J)


Perceiving (P)

Individuals preferring judging focus on making decisions, obtaining closure and planning activities; those preferring perceiving focus on obtaining information, being flexible and open to new options.