The Brilliant Star Integrative Reading Project
Interfaith Resources

Project Coordinator: W. Huitt
Last revised: September 2006

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MorChar The Princess & the Kiss: A Story of God's Gift of Purity Jennie Bishop
MorChar The Squire and the Scroll Jennie Bishop
Spiritual Designed By God So I Must Be Special Bonnie Sose
Spiritual Designed By God So I Must Be Special Bonnie Sose
Spiritual Does God Hear My Prayer? August Gold
Spiritual God's Paintbrush Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
Spiritual How Does God Listen? Kay Lindahl
Spiritual How Does God Make Things Happen? Lawrence & Karen Kushner
Spiritual In Every Tiny Grain of Sand Reeve Lindbergh
Spiritual Just In Case You Ever Wonder Max Lucado
Spiritual Let There Be Light Jane Breskin Zalben
Spiritual My Spiritual Alphabet Book Holly Bea
Spiritual Never Say Goodbye Lea Gillespie Gant
Spiritual Peace On Earth Bijou Le Tord
Spiritual Sacred Places Philemon Sturges
Spiritual The Story As Told Jalil Mahmoudi
Spiritual What Does God Look Like? Lawrence & Karen Kushner
Spiritual Where Does God Live? August Gold
Spiritual You Are Special Max Lucado
Friends The Unfriendly Governor Anthony Lee
Friends The Secret In The Garden Winifred Barnum Newman
MorChar The Proud Helper Anthony Lee
PerStyle The Story of Riaz Redfish Jennifer Lemon
SocioCult The Black Rose Anthony Lee
Spiritual Fly Through The Bahá'í Year  Terry Ostovar
Spiritual The Cornerstone Anthony Lee
Spiritual The Dalai Lama : A Biography of the Tibetan Spiritual and Political Leader Demi
MorChar The Golden Goose King: A Tale Told By The Buddah Judith Ernst
Spiritual What Do We Know About Buddhism Anita Ganeri
MorChar I Once Was A Monkey: Stories Buddha Told Jeanne M. Lee
Spiritual This Is My Faith: Buddhism Anita Ganeri
Cog/Think Parables: Stories Jesus Told Mary Hoffman
MorChar I'd Be Your Princess Kathryn O'Brien
Perceiving The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Barbara Robinson
Perceiving Can You Find Jesus? Phillip D. Gallery
Physical Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord Therese Johnson Bouchard
Spiritual All Things Bright and Beautiful Cecil Alexander
Spiritual The Circle of Days Reeve Lindbergh
Spiritual The Clown of God Tomie dePaola
Spiritual This Is My Faith: Christianity Anita Ganeri
Friends Confucious: The Golden Rule Russell Freedman
Spiritual Mystic Mouse    
Spiritual Saivite Hindu Religion Book One     
Spiritual Saivite Hindu Religion Book Two     
Spiritual Saivite Hindu Religion Book Three    
Spiritual The Story of Santoshi Devi     
Spiritual The Ramayana and Hinduism Anita Ganeri
Spiritual This Is My Faith: Hinduism Anita Ganeri
Spiritual Ramadan Suhaib Hamid Ghazi
Spiritual This Is My Faith: Islam Anita Ganeri
Family A Mountain of Blintzes Barbard Diamond Goldin
Family Kaddish for Grandpa in Jesus' Name Amen Catherine Stock
Family Night Lights: A Sukkot Story Barbard Diamond Goldin
Perceiving To Everything There Is A Season Jude Daly
Spiritual Celebrate: A Book of Jewish Holidays Judith Gross
Spiritual Festival of Lights: The Story of Hanukkah  Maida Silverman
Spiritual Sammy Spider's First Shabbat Sylvia Rouss
Spiritual The Jewish Child's First Book of Why Alfred Kolatch
Spiritual This Is My Faith: Judaism Anita Ganeri
Spiritual Sikh Stories Anita Ganeri
Spiritual This Is My Faith: Sikhism Anita Ganeri
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